Wine Contest 2019: the Frittmann Winery takes it all!

We finished this year’s wine contest with almost 60 wineries and 130 wines! Here you can see the results:

Szeged Város Bora 2019 – Frittmann Borászat – Rosé Cuvée 2018

 A 25. Szegedi Borfesztivál legszebb fehérbora – Frittmann Borászat – Generosa 2018

 A 25. Szegedi Borfesztivál legszebb vörösbora – Günzer Családi Birtok – Günzer Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

 A 25. Szegedi Borfesztivál legszebb tokaji bora – Tolcsva- Bor Kft. – Tokaji 5 puttonyos Aszú 2014

 A 25. Szegedi Borfesztivál legelegánsabb bora – Holdvölgy – Holdvölgy Exaltation Tokaji É.S. – Muskotály 2015

 A 25. Szegedi Borfesztivál legszebb rosé bora – Font Pincészet Kft. – Font Kékfrankos Rose 2018

 A Borfesztivál legszebb megjelenésű bora – Schieber Pincészet – Tabu Kékfrankos 2016

 A Társadalmi zsűri díja – Kincsem Kastély Szőlőbirtok – Kincsem Kastély Furmint 2016

The biggest wine festival of Hungary is coming!

We have some fantastic news today: Szeged will be the capital of quality wine between the 17-26th of May. The 25th Wine Festival of Szeged has more than 160 winery and 250 exhibitor with handcrafted goods. Unique gastronomy and a wide range of musical programs avaiting for You in Szeged.

We have 10 festival locations, first of all, the traditional center of the festival is the Széchenyi square. We have the legendary Bridge Fair is a large market with handcrafted goods on the bridge of Szeged. The location called “Dóm téri Kavalkád” has an unique music selection. Beside the traditional festival areas called Treasure Square, Gastro Courtyard, National Wine Marathon we have some new programs this year: an awesome Dragonboat Championship and a City Marathon will be organized.

See You between the 17th and 26th of May on the Day of Szeged Celebration and on the 25th Wine Festival of Szeged – on the most lovely city of the Earth!