The National Wine Marathon of Hungary comes to Szeged


Between the 13th and 22th of May Szeged will be the center of the universe again. The National Wine Marathon of Hungary comes to it’s hometown. The fantastic sports and gastronomical event was started from Szeged several years ago and it is still organized from the town. The round will be set up on the 21st of May on the Dóm Square.


The main event is a 3 kilometres length family run and a 7 kilometres length amateur run, both events are free to join. The run starts from and ends at the Dóm Square. Join the National Wine Marathon of Hungary on it’s official site One of the most important events of the day is the National Wine Region Beauty Contest, it’s ceremony will be organized before the Quimby show on the 21st of May. Join us and be the winner of the National Wine Region Beauty Contest!